We started our business because we are passionate about alternative energy. The future of our planet will rely on the decisions we make today. We currently deposit millions of tons of Carbon-Dioxide into the atmosphere by burning fossil-fuels to generate electricity.  Solar power is the latest buzz out there, but with pricing so high and photo-voltaic systems shrouded in mystery, the majority of people shy away from investing in this great technology.

 My wife and I believe in empowering people with alternative energy and make yourself independent from a service provider that is unreliable and has the ability to unreasonably increase prices on a critical commodity.

Our idea was to provide great, high-quality products at reasonable prices. We can cater for the camper, travelling in to Africa to the home that would like to establish itself as 'off-grid'. Whatever your need and your budget, allow us to consult with you and discuss various pricing and PV structures that will suit both your need and pocket. 

Let's compare the CO 2 emissions to produce 1 kWh of electricity by different technologies:


g CO 2 per kWh

Solar power, water power and wind power 

10 - 40

Nuclear power plants

90 - 140 

Combined heat and power in private houses 

220 - 250 

Gas buring plants

330 - 360

New coal burning plants 

1'000 - 1'100

As can be seen from the above, solar power, together with other alternative energy sources, produce the lowest CO2 emissions to produce 1kWh. Is nuclear the answer? In my opinion, no it is not. Although the CO2 emissions are the lowest of the large capabilities, you are left with waste that cannot be used for anything else and must be stored for lengthy periods of time to enable it to reduce it's radioactive qualities. Other than this, there is the dangers of a nuclear disaster as we all know from Chernobyl, and recently the Japanese nuclear plant that was exposed after the tsunami that hit their shores. But, let's not get too political on this one! You can make your own choice. There are a lot of articles on the internet you can read, even the ones on that will tell you how a great alternative nuclear power is.